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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Weekend Update

The weekend is a total blur... I could swear yesterday was Friday.

My niece Breana was here for awhile this weekend, and the girls had a great time, you can catch some photos in my slideshow to the right. I must have worn them out considerably, they were asleep 10 minutes after we put them to bed.

We finally got the Christmas tree up! Here's a picture:

I made chili today... beanless because I can't stand beans. It's been a cold weekend and the chili was a serious warm comfort food. :)

Tonight I'm off to finish "Elizabeth" while walking on the treadmill... what were you up to this weekend?


Vegas Princess said...

What a pretty tree!

How do you like "Elizabeth"? That is one of my favorites. My pretend boyfriend Joseph Fiennes is so yummy in that one.

LoraLoo said...

VP: Thanks! "Elizabeth" was a really intense movie, and I loved it. Not a dull moment in those two hours, and I, too, heart Joseph Fiennes...purrrrrrr!

Otto said...

I had every plan to put up a Christmas tree this weekend...I slacked off.

I had other things going on:
* Basketball game to work (as PA announcer)
* Date with a girrrrrl (because I rock)

Good weekend. :-)

Molie said...

This weekend I cleaned, put up the Christmas decorations, did laundry, and put together an end table I bought.

On Sunday I watched Pan's Labyrinth, which was nothing like I expected. I was expecting more fairy tale, & no war themes.

I really liked Elizabeth, and Fiennes is not hard on the eyes.