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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Concept Van With Perks(?)

New Nissan Concept Van

This concept minivan has an effing microwave oven (amongst other modern ideas). I can't decide if this is technology enough to get me to buy a minivan or if I'm repulsed by the conveniences (read as "laziness").

Nahh...you couldn't pay me to drive a minivan. I am the anti-van queen. (Not unless it's some 70's model chevy with the fuzzy dice and a disco ball in the back, heh!) Still, I suppose I can see the perks. Check out the pictures - not a bad looking concept, but there are too many windows.

Should we all have these conveniences, just because we can?


JoeInVegas said...

Oh, come on, it shows a bag of microwave popcorn in there. Who hasn't been on a long drive and said 'gee, a bag of nice hot popcorn would go good right now'. And you could lean back and look at the moon (not while driving hopefully).

Teleolurian said...

Plus, you can take out the cavity magnetron, and with a satellite tv dish turn it into an effective means of stalling cars that run on computer chips. Which is like, all cars since 1971.

The Doom Van. I'd drive it.

Molie said...

I think that all these so called "conveniences" take the drivers attention away from the road, and I think there are enough things that do that already.

Last thing I want is for someones steaming bag of freshly microwaved popcorn to steam up there windshield obscuring their vision.

If you want a microwave in your vehicle then buy an RV.