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Friday, November 30, 2007

What's On My iPod

It's been raining... and I don't know about the rest of Vegas, but it's actually foggy out here in the Northwest. It smells absolutely beautiful outside.

On to the videos!

The Muppet Show - "Mahnahmahanah" - Sorry if this is stuck in your head after you watch it, but I absolutely love this little ditty! It's from season 1.

School of Fish - "Three Strange Days" - I heard this on Sirius a few weeks ago and couldn't believe it, I hadn't heard it in so long!! I promptly downloaded it when I got home.

Sophie B. Hawkins - "As I Lay Me Down" - I also caught this one on Sirius awhile back... the beauty of satellite radio, you don't hear the same 40 songs all damn day! The copyright date on this video is 1994 - I had no idea this song was that old??

Emerson Hart - "If You're Gonna Leave" - I haven't heard any of Emerson's other music, but I can listen to this song a gazillion times without tiring of it right now, so I guess I should see if I like anything else...

Marshall - "You Just Got Slapped" - if you're a HIMYM fan and you haven't seen this music video, ya gotta check it out. Jason Segel is pretty awesome, wouldn't you agree?


Teri said...

It was so cool out last night. I actually went out to Toys r us (braved the crowds) and was amazed that we kinda had fog last night.. well our version of it anyway :)

BeckEye said...

Everyone loves the manamanah song. In Pittsburgh, someone made up a "Polamalu" song to that tune for Troy Polamalu. His name is pronounced Pall-a-mall-oo but they sing it "Pa-lom-a-loo" so it goes with the song. It's kind of stupid, but still funny.

Vegas Princess said...

I was so excited for the "You Just Got Slapped" song and was disappointed that Barney's "Ohhhh's" were not included. I think his input to Marshall's song was the best part but they left it out of the "professional" video. Bummer.

JD said...

I love that song from HIMYM. Grab the mp3 here for your iPod:


An80sNut said...

I had to watch Mahnahmahnah and really was taken back. Always loved "Three Strange Days" and there are a few other good songs on their album but really hard for School Of Fish to match that success. "As I Lay Me Down" really gets forgotten when it comes to Sophie. I think people keep "Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover" in their heads more. Nice collection here. B)