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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekend Update

Work yesterday was highly productive... So I earned some flex time and avoided downtime for users during the work week. It was very cool to be in the office alone with no one to disturb, I can get so much... accomplished. The funny part is that I really needed to log in from home and finish one last thing, and for the life of me, I can't remember my remote login password. What a user thing to do! LOL

One of Karl's coworkers (a fellow Cowboys fan) told me that my Dallas Cowboys star tattoo would be a jinx about 5 weeks ago. They are at 8-1 as of today. I think not! I didn't get to see the game this afternoon. :(

Speaking of the tattoo, the touch-up seemed to do the trick, it's healing nicely. I promise to somehow get a picture and post it.

We're spending somewhere around $1,200.00 to replace window coverings on 3 windows. 3!! But I'm getting exactly what I want and I won't be looking at boring white vertical blinds anymore in the living room. Besides, the customer service has been incredible so far, and combined with quality, I really don't care how much it is.

Costco is very dangerous as a family errand. I spend almost 40% less when going by myself. I did not go by myself today, and it was not pretty.

This has been an incredibly busy weekend for Madison... it's only 7 pm Sunday and she can hardly keep her eyes open. We're doing Christmas pictures tomorrow (yes, I'm an A-Type personality, the Christmas cards will likely be done before December 1) and then she's getting her flu shot after lunch. She is going to be seriously pissed at me by early afternoon.

We finally had the chance to eat at the new Sammy's Woodfired Pizza out here last night. I love that place!!

I purchased an 18 lb turkey today for Thanksgiving. It's HUGE. I have never cooked anything so large in my life. BTW, Smith's sold me that turkey for $10.00 with a Smith's rewards card and a turkey over 16 lbs.


Vegas Princess said...

Wow that is a great price for a turkey! Yum, turkey...can't wait for Thanksgiving.

You just reminded me I have to start thinking about our own Christmas cards. Wonder how I can humiliate the girls this year.

New White Keds said...

I can top the Christmas cards thing -- I am done with my shopping! I have one last little gift to buy, but other than that, I am DONE! Ha Ha! And I am starting our Christmas cards this week too. So there.

I know, I am staying at home, so yes, it is more impressive that you can do it while working. BUT, I am still getting it done.

Good luck with Maddy today!