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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Never Mind Your Money, Here's the Sex Pistols

I read a story today about The Sex Pistols who are currently performing a reunion tour. You can read the story for yourself, here. I couldn't help but literally LOL at the whole idea. Sure, plenty of bands who haven't seen the limelight in a long time are still out there touring, and making some good money at it, so why not? I have "Never Mind the Bullocks, Here's the Sex Pistols" on vinyl, I related to their angst, and I had Johnny Rotten stickers all over the place. He was the poster child for rebellion, in my eyes. Mind you, this was 1984.

Now, decades later, he's nothing more than a rude, crotchety, aging man who never found his tact. In the article I read where he had to refer to a crib sheet as he forgot lyrics. How do you forget lyrics for songs you've been singing (or screaming, in his case) for 30 years??? It's almost sad. Would you pay to see them?


An80sNut said...

Can't see myself paying for them. I think it's a timing thing. I would love to have seen them years ago just as much as I'd like to have seen Public Image Ltd. around 1989. Now, not so much.

But, there are some bands that I'd still want to see out of their prime. They'd just have to be bands that really influenced me.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...


Especially not for the ticket prices they're asking! What is it with aging hipsters throwing expensive reunion tours?


Maybe Britney Spears will throw one twenty years from now and try dressing the way she did when she was younger! Hahaha!

Otto said...

I know someone who went and saw the Pistols about four or five years ago (whenever they last toured) and said he paid a buttload of money for what amounted to a 60-minute show.

I love the Pistols...love them. Pretty Vacant is still, without question, one of my favorite songs. And I'm sure it would be great seeing them live. But there are only a couple performers for whom I'd pay top dollar to see. Sorry, Johnny Rotten, your Sex Pistols ain't one of 'em.

But I did love PiL back in the 80s.