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Monday, November 05, 2007

...For A While...

Coworker S and I revisited the idea of "forever" in relationships today; this tends to be an ongoing discussion between the guys and I at work. I'm really quite comfortable as one of the guys, but when it comes to relationships, sometimes I'm definitely the woman in the room. I've touched on this before around here, but it's worth repeating - there's still this idea in my head that some relationships can, in fact, last forever. Happily, even! I will give you that it's something special and perhaps rare. Relationships take such a huge amount of work and both parties have to keep the same goal(s) in mind. That in of itself can take miracles, wouldn't you agree?

On this note, we discussed the idea of "happily ever after" again, and how Disney has been cramming this down our throats (especially little girls) for decades. Is this why so many women yearn for this warm and fuzzy ending, or are we hard-coded for it? Is it simply our nature? Were women filled with this idea before the days of Disney? I expressed that I wince every time I read a Disney Princess story to Madison - they always end with ".. and they lived happily ever after." So Coworker S. gave me an alternate ending. ".. and they lived happily, for a while..." LMAO!


Vegas Princess said...

Nothing like a little dose of hard reality. And you can do it with any Disney movie...for instance we watched the end of Finding Nemo today and as the credits rolled and Nemo swam off into the great blue sea my husband turned to me and said "Wouldn't it be great if a huge shark came and ate them right now?"

An80sNut said...

I have to agree with the disillusionment created by Disney films in 'living happily ever after.' I think it's because you don't hear that the princess woke up in a bad mood and yelled at the prince this morning for not taking out the trash. Having an idea that relationships are easy probably does give the wrong idea to children and may even encourage them into them sooner.