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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nevada Day

Tomorrow is Nevada Day, to celebrate the day Nevada joined the Union in 1864. The official anniversary is October 31, but the State recognizes it on the last Friday of October. What's the big deal about Nevada day? Honestly, it means a day off for school kids and some government employees (namely me!).

Madison is having an all-day playdate with a cousin at the in-laws house, so I'm going to have the day all to myself. "What to do?", I pondered, for about ohhhh... 30 seconds. I've got a master plan - some loafing, some movie watching, shopping at Kohl's, lunch with my friend Bryan, and I'm going back to the tattoo artist, as I need some touch-up on the new tattoo. It's gonna be a fabulous day!

For more information about Nevada, click here for the Wikipedia link. Happy Friday!!

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An80sNut said...

"Home means Nevada, home means the hills, home means the sage and the pine..." Sorry feeling a Nevadan moment. I barely remember the song from my Nevada history class in high school.