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Thursday, August 30, 2007


Why is my daughter fascinated with the word "poop"? She just loves the way it sounds and finds any opportunity possible to say it. It's really best in public, too.

Why am I working tomorrow? I'm sure it's going to be quiet because everyone else was smart enough to take a 4-day weekend. I should be curled up watching movies or enjoying the outdoors somewhere...

Why am I going to bed later and later? I don't actually like being tired.

Why is Britney Spears still news?

Why are plants in my backyard dying? They're getting water... I'm actually meeting with my landscaper Saturday to find out. It'll probably cost me a few hundred dollars to replace what's already dead.

Why don't I just do my own landscaping and save myself a buttload of money?

Why did anyone allow a remake of the movie "Halloween"? What, exactly, was wrong with the original? Can we all agree this is a bad idea, and that Hollywood needs to get real with all the remakes? Someone's seeing these movies, because they keep getting made. Sigh.


Molie said...

Is she a fan of Dirty Jobs? Lot's of poop on that show. I am fond of the word peculiar, it's fun to say and it really does not roll off the tongue.

Britney is a train wreck that is why she is still news.

There were rumors of a Ferris Bueller sequel, now that is a bad idea.

JoeinVegas said...

Perhaps it's time to move on to that plastic grass, and perhaps some of the metal and plastic palm trees as well. I know the savings in water for a few months would probably pay for them.

Ken said...

A number of our plants in the backyard are dying too, especially the Hearts and Flowers and the tree directly behind our pool. I think it's just a part of summer, to be honest. I just don't want to shell out more money to get these plants replaced...

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

I don't know why BS is still news. I personally think that one of her many problems is being "addicted" to attention and I fear what she may do if she doesn't keep getting it...I just hope it doesn't end in a tragedy that involves one of her kids.

ScrapAddictNV said...

Hmm, WHY?
Kids always find something that we as parents don't like, to say or do. If you just let it pass and don't make a big deal out of it, she;ll stop saying it.

You don't replace your plants on your own cause god only knows what kind of spiders or scorps will come out. But they are dying cause you're in the desert and it's 100 fing degrees. Learn to love rocks, save water, save money, save the earth - plus you'll actually get money back from the water co. if you do rock. I know it's ugly and you can't play on rock, but you'll learn to love the park all the more.

Brittney is still news because her single finally leaked and she'll likely be preforming at the VMA's. The new song actually sounds catchy. Don't expect her to go away anytime soon, I guess she really is trying for a comeback.

And finally Halloween - why you ask. One word, Rob Zombie - okay that was 2. But it's his remake and it's gonna rock. I'm betting it's better than the orignal, he's been planning and working on this for years. With a name like Zombie how can it not be scary?

Now I ask, why or why work on a Saturday? Enjoy the long weekend with your kid. You can never get back time lost, and work cannot be that important. I see the pix and you are a great mom who looks to do a lot of fun things with Maddy. Make tomorrow another fun day!

LoraLoo said...

Molie: A Ferris Bueller sequel - now that would just suck. You can't top that movie!

joe: Our grass is the only thing thriving, LOL

Ken: I remember we talked about your dying plants in the backyard. What's weird is the plants dying are plants that have made it through several years already, so I'm perplexed.

Barbara: I hear that, I sure hope those kids grow up without the scars I fear they will.

Angi: I'm not working on Saturday, I posted this Thursday night. :) This is a long weekend I plan on enjoying with Maddy!

Vegas Princess said...

Why do I always have to work when everyone else has a four-day weekend? Oh yeah, cause I work in news.

Why do I have to listen to stories about Britney Speaks all day? Oh yeah, cause I work in news.

Why am I tired all the time? Oh yeah, cause I work in news.

An80sNut said...

These are all great questions. I'm stumped on all of them even though, I'm sure the the 'poop' phase will die out... eventually. Horror movie remakes are going to happen more and more. I believe that they think the advances in special effects warrant reviving some to the older films. I don't plan on seeing any of them.