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Friday, July 27, 2007

What's On My IPod

You know the routine... clicking the song title takes ya to the video at YouTube. Enjoy!!

Bowling For Soup - Girl All the Bad Guys Want - I love these guys because they have hilarious videos. This whole video mocks other bands/videos, I was having fun trying to figure them all out.

Blue October - Into the Ocean - This is my favorite song on their album "Foiled".

Depeche Mode - It's No Good - Okay, it was cool to see their funny side in this video but I'm not sure I'm a big fan of it?

Joss Stone - Tell Me 'Bout It - This woman can sing... and guys, she's beautiful. Check the video out!

Thompson Twins - If You Were Here - I remember this song fondly from the closing scene of Sixteen Candles. You know, when Samantha and Jake kiss over the birthday cake? Yeah, I finally bothered to look up the words to this song - and it's sooo not warm and fuzzy? Anyway, this is a live performance of the song.

Have a great weekend!!


BeckEye said...

I always thought that final scene in Sixteen Candles was so ripe for parody, but it's never been done in any of those teen movie parodies. I remember thinking "One of them is going to catch fire" the first time I saw it.

Molie said...

I like the Thompson Twins (btw, TT link is to Joss video)they always seemed "different" to me and not the same synth pop as other acts during the time.

Joss Stone is incredibly talented, love her voice.

LoraLoo said...

Beckeye - I wondered how they did that without catching fire, but not until I was older...

Molie - thank you, I fixed it...

An80sNut said...

I've been holding off on picking up the Blue October album even though I like everything I've heard from it. I think it's because there was a synthpop band with that name just a few years before this one formed.

"It's No Good" brings back good memories. I love DM and regretably, I still haven't seen them live. Maybe someday.

I will always believe that Tom Bailey is a musical genius. The breathy vocals of "If You Were Here" help soften the unusual instrumentation. Too band I won't be able to catch them live either. This is as close as I got and they sound good.

Vegas Princess said...

I LOVE the video for "Girl All the Bad Guys Want," almost as much as I love "1985." Bowling For Soup's songs are fun. I remember the first time I heard GATBGW and I loved it! So catchy.