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Monday, July 02, 2007


As I've mentioned before, I have about 6000 songs on the IPod. When I start a playlist, I sometimes lose focus on the purpose and/or the goal, and the playlist starts to get diluted with songs I love, but don't quite fit the list. I realized today that a couple of my lists need some serious work. I may even just start over.

My post is short and sweet tonight - I have a new toy, and I'm very busy playing with it. I'll talk more about it when I know what I'm doing. What I will tell you that I love new toys, and this one is going to take some work to master (It uses Linux, and I'm a Linux newbie). A new challenge is never a bad thing.


Layla (aka Barbara) said...

i love new toys too!!!

OH MY GOSH Look at that new pic of you....you Do rock!!!! What a hottie.

Ken said...

Yeah. I haven't gotten that into playlists on my phone yet, but I used to do the same thing with mix tapes. I'd start going down a path, only to start throwing other crap on there. Oh to stay focused...

An80sNut said...

Hmmm... I talked with Lloyd a few years ago about getting into Linux. Can't wait to hear about the toy. This might give me an idea about what to do with my 3rd desktop computer (old P2 500mhz.)

I'm upset that the new version of iTunes will not let you set up your playlist by year. It was an option in most of the others but not in the new version. Wish I knew why.

Oh, and yes, I agree with Barb about the new pic. Great photo. Have a great July 4th (yes, I'll be working hahaha.)

Nik said...

Oooh, new toys rock! Hopefully you have fun with it. I have no idea what Linux is though.

I have yet to make a playlist for my iPod. I'd lose focus too and then it'd piss me off.

Have a happy 4th of July!

BeckEye said...

I still don't have an iPod. :(