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Saturday, July 14, 2007

More Shoes???!

Today I went shopping and picked up some shoes (what a surprise - 2 pair) and some clothes for Madison. I called Amy and told her I'd gone shopping, and her first words were "You did buy something for yourself, right?" I explained to her that one pair of the shoes I bought were these cute little Liz Claiborne strappy sandals with a small heel. You know, I don't think she believed me? I can't say I blame her, I don't think she's seen me in anything but sneakers for about three years. Well besides at her wedding. She refused to let me wear sneakers under the bridesmaid dress. But why? heh

So, as proof, I offer you this:

So why are my feet so red in this picture?? I had just come in from the 115 degree heat. Besides, all they've seen in three years are sneakers. Maybe it's just the photo? I hadn't noticed it until I loaded it into the PC.

Since I took the camera out and wasn't pointing it at Madison - guess who started asking to have her picture taken?


Molie said...

Those sandals are cute. When I buy sandals they have to have the strap across the ankle, otherwise I'm afraid I would loose them when walking.

Kids are funny like that, first they cry and duck and run away when you want to take a photo. Next they're in your face saying "Me Me take a picture of Me!"

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Those are darling! I'd like a better shot of your tat, can't really tell what it is.

I cleaned out my closet today and fondly looked at all my cute heels - I haven't worn heels in years and don't think I ever could again, but they sure make you feel feminine.

Vegas Princess said...

Cute shoes! And that grin is so adorable!

Nik said...

I'm a sneakers girl too. I don't own dress shoes at all. But I'm gonna be girly for a second and say that those sandals are really cute! Not that I would wear them or anything, LOL.
What's the tattoo of?

Madison's too darn cute for words.