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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What's in My Head

Since Madison is 3 now, she’s supposed to be moving to the next classroom with kids her age. They’re trying to transition her slowly and smoothly, but she is resisting big time. Maybe it’s because she’s really attached to her teachers, maybe it’s because her best friend isn’t 3 until August. We’re going to need some daily talks about it, because as I mentioned before, she hates change.

This exercise and diet are making me feel so damn good. My clothes are getting bigger, and I am looking forward to dropping two sizes before I’m done. I still have oodles of clothes waiting for me (thankfully I didn’t donate them all – aren’t you surprised?). It’s absolutely amazing what a little motivation will do.

One of my users is in a rock band by night, and he gave me his band’s new CD this morning. I gave it one listen, and it’s not bad, although a little harder rock than I thought. Don’t get me wrong, I like metal. I’ll have to post a link to their website and let you decide for yourself. Sometimes I need to listen more than once to really get into something, so I'll listen again.

CBS.com is posting some of their daytime television programs online for viewing. One of the programs they’re posting is The Young and the Restless. Yeah… I can see me sucking all the office bandwidth trying to watch. I still can’t believe I’ve been watching this show pretty religiously since about the age of 10 (although I have actually been watching pretty much since it started in 1973, my Mom was a SAHM and watched it every day). Gotta dig the daytime love… heh

With the hot weather, do you know what food I miss most? Ice cream.

In closing I’m going to share with you this little video of scenes from Pulp Fiction with the Muppets. The funniest part is pretty much near the end, you’ll have to let me know if you catch it. Coworker S. finds this stuff every day – I don’t know how, but he does.


An80sNut said...

You can't not like Muppets. B) Yeah, Maddy is gonna have change issues but it's going to be that "being a big girl" talk. My fingers are crossed for ya there. Mmmmm.... ice cream.

Molie said...

I think Maddy's reaction is completely normal. The first few full days in the new classroom will be hard but then different toys and kids will grab her attention.

Could you send some of that motivation my way? When I get home I just want to veg but I should get out and take strolls around the neighborhood.

Meow said...

Yay for the weight loss. Wish I had the motivation to give it a go ... all I have motivation for is to eat !!!
Keep up the good work, and keep us posted.
Take care, hugs, Meow