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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Video Vice

Hi. My name is Lora, and I'm a video game junkie.

Heh! Okay, no... not really. But I love, love, love console gaming. This would explain why we forked out way too much for a Playstation 3 - especially since there really isn't a wide variety of games released for it yet. Here's what we're playing right now:

This is a screen shot from Ridge Racer 7. I like cars that go fast. :) Let me clarify... I don't like Nascar games - there's no real excitement in driving on an oval track for me. I do like street racing tracks and I particularly enjoy rally racing. Ridge Racer 7 is seriously hard to play and I find myself wanting to plant the game pad into the television. I guess I like being abused by a video game, cause I keep playing it. I'm hoping game companies start releasing some more titles soon...

I think my all-time favorite racing game was Rumble Racing. It combined all the elements of racing with the need for aggression. You can race alone or cooperate with a partner to take out your opponents with weapons... Of course this game was released in 2001 and has yet to see a follow-up title. I also enjoy Burnout as a racing game, because the whole idea IS to crash. Now that, I have mastered! There are several titles under the Burnout series, and just about every one has been extremely fun to play.

Playstations 1 & 2 also had its share of good RPG games such as Gauntlet Legends and lighter titles such as the Spyro series. I haven't seen any as of yet for PS3 that catch my attention, but I think there are less than 10 to choose from.

Coworker S. and a couple of the other guys from work get together now and then to play some of those shoot-em-up games for the PC, and he's asked before if I wanted to join in on the fun. I think it would be a blast, if only 1) I could actually play those first person shooters and 2) I liked PC gaming more. I tried the PC gaming, and just couldn't get sucked in. If I could be on the sidelines to watch them and do the golf-type commentary (as well as talk smack from the sidelines), that'd be a better idea.


An80sNut said...

I would probably get hooked on Gauntlet Legends... it's the RPG thing. But, I'm still 3 years clean from any gaming addiction. Cold turkey was the only way. Otherwise, I would never get anything done.

Molie said...

I not a gamer, my kids like to play but I just can't control the game pads. I was also crashing or pressing random buttons not really knowing what they are controlling.

Games that consist of a joy stick and one button are more my speed. Wacka Wacka Wacka ;)

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

admitting your problem addiction is healthy :)

ScrapAddictNV said...

You may be a junkie, but what's worse is living with an all out addict. I thought his electronics addiction was bad, plus his addiction to computers and all their parts - but nothing gets me more than his damn gaming addiction. I'll have you know that in this household alone we have a PSP (his), 2 DS's (mine & nat's - I tried my hand at it), 2 Game Boy SP (his & nat's) a Wii, a GameCube, a PS1, a PS2, and a PS3 - don't even dare ask how many games we have. Ruben has forever tried to indulge me into hobbie, but I don't have gamer's thumbs. In his attempt we've invested in contless DS games, a CSI game, a SIMS game both a while back, and now he's went as for as to buy me Soprano's (haven't tried yet), and Pirates At World's End (is ok) - and so far my favorite thing has been to play Mario Party 8 with the neighborhood kids. Playing Wii is hard work. I think I like MP8 cause there's no real skill involved. I can't sword fight, or fight period without being killed. I can't steer (how can you steer without a wheel?!?!)
So while you have a mild addiction to a game, beware before it takes you to the other side. Cause when he isn't playing on one of his many gaming systems, and isn't on his laptop, he's at his desktop playing some computer RPG. ARGHHHHHH!