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Sunday, June 24, 2007

I Rock?

One of my favorite fellow bloggers, Barbara, tagged me today with the honor of Rockin' Girl Blogger. Go visit her and check her blog out... she's always got something there for you to ponder! Barbara, thank you - and you too are definitely a rockin' girl blogger!!!

In turn, I am to choose five women for this same honor. If I chose you, display this badge with pride and choose your own five Rockin' Girl Bloggers. Remember, if you don't keep this going - you will NOT have bad luck, you will NOT grow a third eye and you will NOT burn in purgatory for eternity. But you gotta admit, this is pretty cool idea, eh?
1. Molie - She's funny and witty and is most excellent at pointing out the absurd (or the beauty) from her day. I always get a good laugh or two around her place. With a headline like "I've embraced my inner-dork, and it's very giggley", you can't go wrong!
2. Nik - Nik shares a love for music with me, and she's good people. I always enjoy reading about her day. She's a major sports nut, and I love it when she rants, or talks about that one guy - Beckham (I'm still wondering why he's always playing with himself on the field).
3. Heather - She's a nurse, a wife, a mother... 3 of many hats she seems to wear. She's very introspective and her posts are often filled with life lessons (even if she's not trying to give one).
4. Beckeye - Beckeye is as sharp as a razor, and funny as hell. She has always got something to give about pop culture, music, television, etc. She's a great writer, and I don't know why she's not running her own PR agency!
5. Vegas Princess - She's one fellow blogger I actually got to meet! She talks about anything and everything, and it's all interesting. She's got two cats and a Prince Charming that keep her on her toes at all times, and I love reading about it.
Now I'm going to go nurse the quarter-size blister I got during my walk tonight. Have a fabulous day!


BeckEye said...

Ah, thank you! I got tagged by another rockin' chick, so I will have to post my 5 pretty soon. Maybe Wednesday because Tuesday is usually the classic forgotten video day and this Tuesday Paris is a free woman. That's why people have STOPPED dancing in the streets.

By the way, I don't own my own PR agency because I was a horrible publicist. :)

But I am still thinking about that "professional scapegoat" business.

Molie said...

Awww Thanks for adding me to your list Lora! You totally rock hardcore. ;)

Nik said...

Wow--thanks for the tag Lora. I'm honored that I was one of your 5. I'm so gonna get a huge head about this. LOL

I have a problem though, I don't have very many blogger friends and out of the 3 girls that I do have, you're one of them. So, I'm "billy-no-blogger-mates". How pathetic is that, don't even have 5 blog friends, let alone girls. hehehe (i'm still gonna put the badge on my blog though).

Hope you're week is rockin. Of course it is, you're a rockin girl blogger, duh!

Meow said...

Congratulations ... it's great fun, isn't it.
I've got one, too ... whoo-hoo !!
hope all is well in your world.
Take care, Meow

Heather said...

Thanks so much! I love your new profile pic. :-)

Vegas Princess said...

Wow! Thank you so much! I am honored to be called rockin' by someone I believe is completely rockin'! I don't know how you do it all, but you carry it off with style. Thanks again!