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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


If you really want to see Karl and Madison reading a book together, click here. (It's totally cute, but I'm a bit biased.)

There are pictures of the new counter tops here. All the before and after pictures are here for your viewing pleasure, but the bottom three pictures on the right of the page are the after pictures.

Hey, I posted twice in one day! :)


Layla (aka Barbara) said...

The kitchen looks great! I love it!
I could not see Karl and Maddie! That link went to your kitchen...oh maybe I need to try the kitchen link to see them :)

BeckEye said...

Great kitchen! When's your big blogfriends dinner? ;)

LoraLoo said...

Barbara - There are two links in the post, the first one in bold has the video - it takes you to youtube. :)

Beckeye - heyyyy, not a bad idea!

New White Keds said...

First of all, the kitchen looks fabulous! Congrats! Can't wait to see it all once it is painted. I have a feeling that a Saturday morning visit is rapidly approaching.

Now... the reading time. I think I love your family a little more every time I get to experience it. She is growing up so fast and so beautifully. And what a good Daddy... not a father, but a daddy. BIG difference. Much love to you ALL.

Nik said...

Awww, this totally put a smile on my face (and I really needed that today). How precious!! Your hubby's an awesome storyteller too.
Also, too cool that Madison can count that high already. A genius in the making? Thanks for sharing this vid with us.