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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wednesday Cornucopia

Lots going on in my head, although I'm not sure any of it is all that interesting. I'll blurt it all out anyway. :)

  • At work, anyone who does any sort of regular driving for business is required to take a defensive driving course. Coworker S. and I took ours this morning... and it was painfully boring. I felt like I was in traffic school! Coworker S. noted how fidgety I get after about 20 minutes into any meeting or class. I just can't sit still that long, and my attention span is that of a rock. How I made it through college, I have no idea.
  • Maddy has made a best friend at daycare. She's been talking about someone a lot, but I couldn't understand who she was referring to. One of her teachers told me who it is and shared with me how much they are partners in crime. It's so cute, I just can't stand it! My little girl is growing up so much every day...
  • As you probably know, Nascar has returned. It's now ruling my house again. If it wasn't such a long, effing season, I'd probably be a little more in tune with it.
  • American Idol - come on, admit it. You're watching it! I'm finally getting into it, and I tell you what - the men are not bringing it this time around. What about Antonella Barba, who's got the racy pictures all over the internet? She's talentless, truly. If she's still around in two weeks, it's because we've all seen her boobies, and voters like them. I do understand why there's all the controversy around the other contestant who got kicked off for internet photos previously (Frenchie was her name). What's different about this situation? Okay, so some are saying Antonella Barba's photos were leaked, whereas Frenchie was paid for it. Still, is this how an American Idol behaves? Read an article about it here.
  • My friend Bryan made me aware of the Lithium channel 24 on Sirius, that plays 90's Grunge and Alternative. Love, love, love this station! Sometimes I'm so narrow minded and don't cruise around the dial, and I miss new things. They also moved The Who channel to 29, but it's called the Punk station? Did I miss something there? Speaking of Sirius, what do you think of the merger between XM and Sirius? Doesn't this make a monopoly? I wonder if they'll make any subscription price changes, and it will be interesting to see what they do about all the duplication. I'm quite happy with my Sirius radio, I really don't see any need for change! But then again, we all know how well I deal with impending change.


Ken said...

Yeah. And Rosie just couldn't resist commenting on the French vs. Barbarella thing either. Good grief.

In terms of the XM-Sirius merger, while it does create a Satellite Radio monopoly, it's not like it creates a music monopoly, like regular radio and now HD Radio and iPod connectors in cars. I'm a happy XM Subscriber. However, if it means I get to listen to Baseball, Hockey AND Football on the radio, I'm all for it!

www.thanksforspeeding.com said...

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BarBarA said...

Hey this was a good post, I feel like I just had an apple martini with you and caught up a bit.

How sweet about Maddy and her friends. Wyatt went back to pre-school this week (he had to leave for awhile) and I hope he makes a little buddy.

I miss Sirius radio! I just can't justify it since I have an ipod and plenty of free music to listen to online :( Maybe someday!

Nik said...

Dang-- you got a lot going on over there. I don't even know what to say about all that.

For the record, nope not watching Idol and NEVER will. lol

At least it sounds like things are going good for you and the fam, so I'll leave my comment at that. Will that work? hehehe
Have a great weekend!

An80sNut said...

I don't know if I could handle someone telling me how to drive now that I've been driving so long. You think you get jittery just during meetings or is this when the coffee is kicking in?

Awesome that Maddy found a BFF. Good to see that her social skills blossoming.

When it comes to how an American Idol should act, I think about Britney Spears and also wonder if Idols really should be held up to Miss America-type standards.

The Sirius-XM merger is rather interesting. I think it isn't a bad thing as they compete against terrestrial stations so beating each other up isn't helping the cause. I did hear that plans are to allow you to keep the service as you have it for the same price ($12.95 a month) or you can upgrade to a new receiver getting both and pay about $25. They are still ironing out some of these details. I paid lifetime for the one in my car so I don't see me changing. The one in the house is a possibility but does give me worries of possibly paying more for tiered service like cable or satellite.