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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gwen Stefani Gets My Attention

I just watched Gwen Stefani perform "Sweet Escape" on American Idol. I had given her latest solo effort a listen and wasn't really that impressed; after hearing that song live, I'm going to have to give the album another listen. After all, I wasn't too hip on The Smashing Pumpkins back in the mid 90's until I saw them perform live. I immediately went out the next day and bought all they'd released at that point. Which reminds me - they're starting a reunion tour in Paris on May 22. Hopefully they'll be making their way out West this year. :)

I've always been a No Doubt fan, and that lady can give one hell of a show live, but I have been a bit disinterested since "Rock Steady". The whole album was way too pop for me. It felt like they sold out, leaving behind their ska roots for the top 40. Perhaps I've been jaded.

So Chris Sligh's road ended tonight on Idol. Although his performance last night was a mess, I'm sad. He deserves to be there more than others - Sanjaya?!! Geezus, I don't even understand how he'd get the teenage girl vote.


Ken said...

Yeah. Gwen Stefani is a great performer. I'm not really sure how Sanjaya keeps getting so many votes. He's just so child-molester-like. This can't be just VotefortheWorst.com or Howard Stern. I think Fox and the show producers are loving it though. In a season with such a clear line in ability and even then, with the exception of Blake, they are all pretty boring or unmarketable, Sanjaya gives this show the fabricated drama it needs to continue to be the ratings powerhouse it is.

But my prediction is that if Sanjaya makes it into the top 5 you will see a change in voting rules next season.

JJ said...

Didn't Simon say that if Sanjaya wins this competition he's quitting the show? Maybe its all the Simon haters out there testing that statement. ???

I dunno man, but I am sure sick of seeing that she-male every week. Bleh.

Vegas Princess said...

That is the only good song on her new album, in my opinion. There is that other one that sounds like a long version of the annoying "bananas" refrain from her hit last year. But "Sweet Escape" is a great song. I love Gwen, she is an excellent performer, but she needs to drop the little school girls and get back to her roots with No Doubt.

Vegas Princess said...

Oh and haven't you heard about how that awful Sanjaya kid stays on week after week? There is this site that asks for people to vote for the worst singer because they hate the show and think it is past its prime. Howard Stern got wind of it and has been urging people to vote for Sanjaya each week to keep him on because he is the worst and they want to see him win to prove how stupid the show has become. And Howard has a huge fan base and they are obviously pulling through.

An80sNut said...

Gwen looked so much better during her appearance there on AI. Amazing how not going overboard with apparel and facial ornaments can make you look classy. Can't say that I'm her biggest fan though. Doing the Talk Talk cover kind of pushed me over the fence.