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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Weekend Update

Madison is feeling much better today... she was making it very clear this morning she was tired of being cooped up in the house, and tired of looking at me. LOL So my dear, sweet husband, took her out this morning. This gave me an opportunity to browse as long as I wanted at Trader Joe's; I'd been cooped up in the house for six days and was having some serious cabin fever!

It was a good week from work, but I'm ready to go back. Did I actually say that?

I was infuriated by the Cowboys game last night. It was evident that Romo is still very green. I applaud him for the way he brought my boys to the playoffs, but blew it in the end. Hmpf!

I am getting some dental work done first thing tomorrow morning - I'm dreading it. I'm 36 years old and still terrified of the dentist, even if he is cute.

We're starting to think about the work we're doing in the house over the next couple of months. Our first task is the catbox, and where the hell to put it that works for everyone that lives here. I think I want to convert our coat closet for it, cutting a hole in the door for a cat door. I'd rather be without that little closet than to have it in our bathroom. Boy do I wish a big laundry room would have been on my priority list when we purchased a house!! Of course, I never imagined I'd actually be a cat owner when we bought this place. Once that's over, it's on to creating a playroom and remodeling the kitchen.

I hope you all have a fantastic week!


An80sNut said...

Sorry to hear that Maddy has been sick but happy to hear she's saved all that energy to share with her parents. hahaha I could spend hours and too much money in Trader Joe's. I'd probably start by picking up some of those pretzels, some vitamins, blue corn chips and browse around the wine selection. Good stuff. Sorry about Romo but I still didn't think it was a good idea having him hold the kick. He'll be great next year and yes, the green does show when it gets to be an important game.

ScrapAddictNV said...

Ruben said that everyone but you knew Romo would blow it - and if he didn't the Saints would've beat them anyway.

I did like how he looked like he was about to cry after the game.....come on now, there's no crying in football? oh wait, the saying is actaually there's no crying in baseball - but who cares, it works! WTF was that all about?

But thanks to your 'boys we had a nice relaxing bye week and will be nice and rested for next weeks game. I sure do regret not buying those playoff tickets now! Our Saints are gonna go all the way!
(I hope!)

BarBarA said...

I am sorry she's been under the weather...ugh, me too. Just crawled out of bed to check emails and read a few blogs.

Hope you have a great week!

Meow said...

Hope Maddy is on the mend.
Also hope that the dental work wasn't too painful. Don't worry, you sure aren't the only one out there with a fear of dentists ... I usually cry when I have to open my mouth !!!
Take care, Meow

Undercover Angel said...

I hope Maddy is feeling better soon.

I'm terrified of Dentist's too. I'm worse than a child from the minute I walk into the office. I think it's the smell. The smell alone is enough to get my nerves going...

Ken said...

Sorry about your 'Boys. Really I am (snicker snicker). It was especially evident during the Philly-Giants game about confidence in the playoffs. Why else would you have a Detmer on your staff?

I totally agree on the laundry room thing! We are struggling with where to put the catbox and wish we would have had a bigger laundry room. I had one in my townhouse. I'm sick of tracking litter all over the house.

Nik said...

Great to hear Madison's feeling better. It seems like everybody was sick or is getting sick, UGH!!

Hope things went okay for you at the dentist. I'm with you, I hate them. I had 3 teeth pulled last year and they asked me if I wanted them to use anesthesia or not. Are you kidding me? No way you're getting into my mouth while I'm awake.

I'm not even going to pour salt into your wounds about Dallas. I thought they had it, but was glad to see Seattle pulled it out.

The idea for the catbox is brilliant. That way the smell and the mess will be contained to one little hidden area of your house. Good luck with the house remodeling.

Nik said...

Just had to say, I was about to be very angry! It wouldn't let me post my comment, thought I was gonna have to break something, but then it worked.

BeckEye said...

So, it's a very boring post-season for both of us this year, eh?