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Monday, December 25, 2006


The presents are opened, the dinner's been eaten... damn, I'm tired. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas! Madison had a blast over this long weekend, a lot of new toys cluttering the house and we all got to sleep in for three days. We're converting a third bedroom to her playroom next month, and that is not soon enough for the clean freak I am! I'm extremely clean, but I'm not great at being organized; my answer to that is to eliminate any clutter. So as you can imagine, these toys all over my living room make me a little insane. Besides the toys closing in on me this day, it was really wonderful watching Christmas through Maddy's eyes. It doesn't even matter that my Cowboys got their butts handed to them today!

This was only the second Christmas of my entire life being away from my Dad. The family gathering was missed a lot today. At least he'll be here next weekend, we'll get to celebrate then (My poor Dad, he was born on Christmas day - so we'll be celebrating his birthday too!).

I discovered Microsoft's Moviemaker software this evening. Why didn't I know it was so easy? How did *I* not yet discover this??? So besides the reorganization in my house over the next month, I have a new project with all our home videos.

I'm off tomorrow as well, hooray! It was such a beautiful day today, we went to the park. I think I'll take the park tomorrow again over being at the office, not a problem.


New White Keds said...

IT seems a little cool today for the park, but then again, it is still early.

Glad you all enjoyed the holiday, save for the missing your Dad. More presents for Madison are waiting, though. So be prepared -- but don't worry, clothes go in the closet. Voi La -- organized :-)

Ken said...

Glad you enjoyed your holiday. With more and more children in my life these days, I really do think the holiday is more about kids than anything else.

Amy and I were very pleased the Cowboys got their butts kicked. But that's another story that is not fit for blog consumption.

If you guys need help moving furniture around, let me know. I'm certainly willing to assist.

An80sNut said...

Hope you enjoyed the next day off. I do think that when the development of a child leads to understanding something like a holiday... it's almost magical. Felt the same thing this year as Connor and Olivia opened presents. They are big on books right now (as well as jedi and pirates.) I heard the big 'piratology' and 'Star Wars' picture books I bought them were a hit (they had to take the books away so they'd open the rest of their presents.)

I'm understanding your disappointment in the Cowboys. I just don't have a reason to believe Oakland will score on offense.

Fred said...

Thanks for the update, Lora, sounds like a great one.

Happy New Year!