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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Once Again, Best Buy Saves the Day

I should do PR for Best Buy. Seriously. I sure hope one of my mutual funds includes Best Buy, cause we’re doing a lot of personal investing in that company on a regular basis.

My IPod decided to stop working Friday – and if my IPod isn’t working, it’s like the plug has been pulled. I can’t drown out the noise of red tape in my office, and I spend way too much time listening to myself think. I don’t miss it nearly as much in the car, thanks to Sirius radio, but still. I purchased one of those extended warranties from Best Buy – it’s my rule for anything over $300. I take my IPod back to Best Buy expecting for it to be out of my life for at least 3 weeks while it’s repaired. So the Geek Squad tests it to make sure my story checks, and she comes back to me and says, “So what color do you want, black or white?” Huh? I must have looked utterly confused, because she follows it up with “We’re just going to replace it, but it will be the 80GB video model, because we don’t carry your model anymore.” After a moment to soak in this good news, I smiled. “I’ll take the black one. Like I’m going to complain that you’re upgrading me? Thank you, thank you!” I have to tell you, I’ve not been sorry once that I purchased one of those little warranties. Not one single time.

The new IPod rocks. I couldn't understand the concept of watching video on this little screen, until I watched a video I had in my ITunes from an enhanced CD. It was pretty amazing. Will I be purchasing TV programs and movies? Not sure. You can connect this thing to a regular TV. But getting my geek on only goes so far...

While we were at Best Buy, we managed to purchase a new TV for the bedroom too. Our 7 year old JVC is having sound issues – there’s a constant hum coming from the speakers. If you turn it up to hear over the hum, the hum just gets louder. Not cool. Mind you, this “issue” has been bothering me way more than it has Karl. “We don’t watch this TV much, what’s the big deal?” So I had to do a little selling on the idea; but once I got him researching on the internet I had his attention. When I got him into the store? Fuggedabouit. We had that sale done in 20 minutes. As of tonight it's still in the box, but that baby is getting set up tomorrow!


Fred said...

Holy crap. I would have expected them to charge you for the difference or something like that.

The Missus absolutely refuses to shop at Circuit City and will only go to Best Buy. Now I know why.

Have a great Thanksgiving, Lora.

BarBarA said...

MAN! That is rad! I got my Pod from Best Buy too but didn't get the warranty. Next time I will! I am so envious, I love that new black 80 gigger! You deserve it too, as an appreciator of good music!

Meow said...

Wow, that's pretty cool of them to upgrade you to a 80gig video. I have the 60gig video, also black, and it is amazing. I have figured out a way to convert a DVD movie to put on it ... just because !!!!
Enjoy, have fun.
Take care, Meow

Ken said...

Way cool! Yeah - once my purchases reach a certain dollar amount, I usually add on the extended warranty. Sometimes I use them and am glad, sometimes not but it keeps you covered in situations like these!

Enjoy your new iPod!

Vegas Princess said...

Sigh. I love Best Buy. I could totally max out every credit card in that store. I swear I am there once a week at least. We are a total Best Buy household!

You are so lucky!! I want to upgrade my iPod (I have the Nano and am a hundred songs away from my limit of 500). I love it and got it because it was compact and didn't think I wanted the bigger one with video...when would I want video? Now I want one...because I could totally put 5,000 songs on there!

Great advice about the warrenties over $300.00. We do the same thing. Too bad my Nano was only $200.00. Damn...guess I'll just have to get a new one.

Teri said...

I usually don't buy the extended warranty. I did only once when I got a cell phone at Best Buy and they also replaced it for me free, without any hassels (that was years ago though).

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Well, I'm kind of happy with my li'l generic MP3 player that I can just load up by draggin' and droppin'. Those IPODs I've found have software that needs installing first.

Tried that with Napster already and got burned. To each their own though, huh? :D