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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Is The Work Week Over, Yet?

I woke up at 3:30ish to get a drink of water, and instead of getting right back into a beautiful slumber, I start thinking about work. I've got one hell of a WAN puzzle going on at one of my sites and it's apparently really bothering me, since I couldn't get back to sleep. The fact that we don't have control of our routers and rely on a WAN group to assist us is frustrating. No router access = I can't easily dispute what they tell me, because there's only so much troubleshooting you can do without actually getting into the router. So they're blaming my issue on the LAN, and there's no glaring red neon sign on any particular piece of equipment going "It's me, it's me!" Doesn't help we don't have managed switches, either. Sigh.

All of this is on top of the fact that I'm the only one on the team working this week, and it appears everyone we service is working. I need coffee. LOTS of coffee.


New White Keds said...

You are speaking a foreign language re: LAN, WAN, Router... but I do understand the need for coffee. Shall I send you a cup or two today?

Lily said...

That sucks that you couldn't get back to sleep last night, I get angry at myself when work stuff interferes with my sleeping.

I had some home computer problems last week with not being able to connect. I called support and my connection was working fine according to them and they listed a bunch of other options, none of which you can tell easily by running any diagnostic tools. In the end it worked itself out when I flipped my USB cord connection.

Vegas215.com said...

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BarBarA said...

One day left...you can do it. I hate it when I lie there not sleeping. Hope tonight is better!