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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sleepy Rambles

Rockstar: Supernova brief: Bye-Bye-Bye Zayra, it's about time. I was actually surprised she finally left this week - I thought for sure it was Patrice's turn. Neither of them are a fit for this band, so I thought Zayra would still be around for her outfits (which are getting better, IMHO). If I had a body like that, I'd probably dress crazy too! Dilana did a great job fronting the band on one of their new tracks! Each week she's looking more and more like the chosen one.

Madison and I stayed home today - she has a terrible summer cold. I've got a touch of it, but fighting desperately with the Airborne (I swear by that stuff). Let's all do a little good luck dance that this isn't the beginning of another fall/winter like last year!

I have no idea why, but I'm compelled to close with, Lora...Out! (blame it on benadryl)


Teri said...

I am sorry you guys don't feel well. I hope you feel better soon, it looks like we are going to have a busy weekend.

I actually watched part of the show last night and I agree, Patrice needs to go as well. She just doesn't fit in with the band.

JJ said...

I luuuurve that Airborne stuff too. Hope it knocks it out for ya! (And hope little M gets to feelin better real soon!)

BarBarA said...

Lora - LOL. You're funny. You and my sister both love all the same shows!

I hope you and Madison feel better soon.

Nik said...

ROTFLMAO at your ending! Did ya fall backwards to the floor too? That's hilarious.

Oh and that summer cold/icky is going around, so I hope you and Madison avoid the really yucky of it.

An80sNut said...

I just wish the lyrics on the new 'Supernova' song were better. It sounded good though. Z had to go. Even though, I did know that Blue October song hahaha. Patrice has to be really close to being gone. BTW, did a Google search on Storm Large. Not only did I find the dirty photos but she has some pretty good songs.

Get better!

LoraLoo said...

Teri: Madison is doing much better today, I am probably in the thick of it now. At least it's not a total crud type illness. It's not a bad show, eh?

JJ: Thank you!!

Barbara: So do you get sucked in because you're sister likes them? I do that... sit down having no intention of watching, and it's all over in about 20 minutes - I'm hooked.

Nik: Hey that would have made a nice ending - a picture of me, passed out on the floor due to Benadryl. LOL I can't help it, I actually like Ryan Seacrest.

Martin: Yeah, the lyrics were really basic, almost too Motley Crue (anyone can memorize and retort them, no matter how much whiskey they've downed, right?). It had a nice sound though - I'll give it that. Oooooooh Scandal - naked pics of Storm? Say it isn't so! Does she have the crazy eyes in them, too?

An80sNut said...

Crazy eyes and some nutty hair. I actually think the name of the band was Storm And The Balls. hahaha

Davydgrey said...

Teri didn't mention that she saw it cause I actually was flipping through channels and stopped and watched the show....I must have been real bored, ehhh?

Lloyd out