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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Just Say No To 80's Fashion

Weekly Rockstar: Supernova commentary:

Okay, so this week I wasn't as surprised Zayra wasn't booted. Although she is still the weakest link, she didn't do so bad on David Bowie's "All the Young Dudes". Even I loved her outfit this week - it was hot without being crazy-space-age. I've finally picked my top 2: Magni and Dilana. You know you can see either one of them fronting this band, and kicking ass at it! Lukas has talent, but I'm just not seeing it. Then again, I didn't see JD Fortune fronting INXS, either... I'm thinking they were going to drop two last night no matter who it was going to be; I'm almost certain they did it last season too. Just a way to get to the right amount of summer weeks until shows return to the Fall season, and it wakes everyone up (that's still left).

I went shopping yesterday for clothes. I'm not a big fan of shopping, in general - but I especially hate clothes shopping, for several reasons:

1. I have two closets FULL of clothes already, they just don't fit yet
2. I'm not very trendy - I prefer classic looks without looking like a soccer Mom, but that's harder and harder to find
3. I'm getting older, see #2
4. Dammit I have two closets full of clothes already!

So someone tell me when the 80's came back in style? Hmmm? Who's stupid idea was this? I am seeing this look out there right now that reminds me of one of Pat Benatar's classic looks (I think she's wearing it in that new Candie's commercial she has out). I have no desire to relive that... someone please make it stop! If shoulder pads come back too, I swear it, Armageddon has arrived.


Ken said...

Oh no! Shoulder pads!

Yes it's disturbing that the fashion cycles returning. I couldn't believe it when Bell Bottoms made a comeback.

Let's hope the hairstyles of the 80s don't return. BIG HAIR!

Lily said...

Heh I was blogging briefly about the return of leggings the other day. Just the thought of them makes me break out in a rash.

I am so glad Zayra stayed on, as far as I am concerned she can stay till Patrice and Ryan have been booted. Zayra is such a hot mess, she looked like Mr. Peanut in drag on Tuesday.

I am so happy Jill is gone. IMO Josh wanted to go home, he knew he wasn't right and he wasn't willing to compromise (good on him)the strapping on of the guitar seemed like self sabbotage.

Speaking of 80's fashion, doesn't Lukas dress like he's raided Duckies wardrobe?

BarBarA said...


I detest clothes shopping, I prefer classic looks to but your right hard to find.

The 80's fashions were hideous. I hope your not right about the shoulder pads...please!

One thing I LOVE about my job is that I can wear jeans every day. My bosses are actually wearing shorts now that its summer.

Ethel said...

Shoulder pads are pure evil.

Teri said...

Yeah, I hate clothes shopping especially right now. I need to go buy maternity clothes for work. I hate spending the money on something that I will only be wearing for 2 months.

Fred said...

You mean I can wear my stonewashed jeans again? Yippee!

An80sNut said...

You know... that will probably be a fun blog post in the future (which I'll probably forget.) I should raid my closet and put out 8 of the ugliest shirts that I have and have everyone vote for one to stay. We'll call it Rock Star: Martin's Closet! (Meanwhile on the real show, I agree with your top 2 even though Ryan is starting to wake up a little bit but at least the cream is rising to the top and the crap is getting flushed.)