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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Rockstar Round II

Is anyone else out there watching Rockstar: Supernova? I am twitching because I have no one to talk with about this. Karl watches it with me but we're pretty much on the same page on everything. The first night of the show I was a little uncertain; it's quite different than the whole INXS idea, since it's not an established band with a discography I'm already familiar with. But honestly I think the talent is better this time around, and I can't help it, I love Tommy Lee. He's so amusing to watch.

Dallas had to see his veterinarian yesterday - he had a growth on his left eye so I had him checked out. They surgically removed it yesterday, my poor baby! Dallas' veterinarian is the husband of a good friend of mine, so I trust him completely... and it was nice to catch up with him a little bit. I'm posting two pictures of Dallas after surgery, you can't tell real well (he only has two stitches in the corner of his left eye). He should be all better within two weeks!


Cyndiblock Talk said...

Poor kitty. Who is your vet?

LoraLoo said...

We go to Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital on Rainbow/Oakey. Dr. Steve Strobeck. He is fabulous! His wife was my boss for a lot of years, she's the older sister I never had.

Cyndiblock Talk said...

Not too far fom me. I go to Durango Animal Hospital. They are nice but I am always looking at new options.

Fred said...

Sorry Lora, I can't help you on Rockstar. I haven't seen that one.

Dallas looks pretty good for having surgery. Our 19-year old kitty is starting to have problems; I hope it's not too severe.

Have a great week and weekend!

Lily said...

Awww poor kitty, giving sad eyes.

I've been watching Rockstar! I think the talent was better last year. There are so many this year who are good singers in their own right but not right for Supernova.

Dilana and Toby are my top picks. I like Lukas' stage presence but he really needs to learn to enunciate, because I can't understand a damn thing he sings.

Storms reminds me of Lindsay Lohan ala Freaky Friday, and her bug eye'd looks in the camera and facial contortions are very distracting.

I think Gilby and Jason have interesting and honest comments to make where as Tommy Lee mugs for the camera and tells the girls how hot they look.

Ken said...

Amy and I watched the first night, but haven't caught much since. We didn't watch Rockstar:INXS, so we don't have anything to compare it to besides Idol.

Dallas looks great. I'm sure she'll make a speedy recovery!

Vegas Princess said...

Dallas looks good. Did they figure out what was on his eye?

New White Keds said...

Not sure who Ken has been hanging with, cause I watched a good chunk of last year's Rockstar. But he is right, I have not watched since the first or second night. I will do my best to start watching, just sowe can discuss. I am good like that :-)

Ken: Dallas is a HE, sheeeesh! Muah!

LoraLoo said...

Fred: Have a good week and weekend, yourself!

Lily: Yay! Someone else actually watching this show. I do like Dilana - she's got the right edge, but those spikes in her chin distract me too much. I think Lukas would be a good front for the bad aesthetically, but you're right, he needs to enunciate more. Josh and Phil are pretty horrible with the rolling words together when they sing, that's irritating. I don't care much for Zayra's personality but she really kicked ass with the REM song last night. Patrice is pretty good, I'd like to see her for a few more weeks. I'm not surprised it was Jenny's night tonight... she really is Lillith Fair vs. Supernova.

Ken: You didn't watch the first Rockstar? I don't know why I'm thinking yourself and Amy did.

Amanda: They sent away what they took from his eye to find out what it is. The vet's guess was a benign tumor of some kind, and nothing serious. He was concerned it would grow - and being on the eyelid area, that could have been tough.

Amy: See, I thought you watched it!

JJ said...

If I had cable tv that'd probably be one show I'd watch. I agree...TL is entertaining!

Lily said...

I also thought that Zayra sounded her best this week as well. Magni was also much improved this week.

Dilana's chin piercing especially in the first week where it looked a a faucet nozzle was distracting. She has a MySpace page up with a slideshow of pics, there is one pic of her where she looks like Agent Scully from the X-Files, it's a hair thing.

I also agree it was Jennys night to go.

Teri said...

I only watched one episode, and wasn't thrilled with it.

Glad to hear that Dallas is doing so well.

An80sNut said...

I'm pretty shocked that you would think I'd miss Rock Star. B) I'd definitely say that there are some talented singers but there are also some that really are out of their comfort zone. As with the first season, it'll get really good when it gets down to the last 4 to 5.

Sorry about the kitty. B(

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Aw, purdy kitty. Hope he gets to feelin' better soon.

Anonymous said...

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