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Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday Update

Late weekend update. We ventured back to Floyd Lamb state park - those geese know what bread bags look like - we were immediately surrounded by geese trying to get at the bread bag we brought to feed them. An entire bag of bread was gone in a matter of 10 minutes. I also brought a baggie with crackers for Madison, and one of them pulled it off the picnic table. I had to open the baggie and pour out the now cracker crumbs, before the frustration toward the bag made their heads pop off! I'm really sorry I didn't get pictures of this fiasco - it was really funny but with a child smaller than most of these geese... well you get the idea. I added two pictures to my flickr album - you'll find them on the right. I'm going to try to organize that album a bit tonight I think. Blogger isn't cooperating tonight with the picture upload. What do I expect from a free service, eh?

I also purchased one of those FM transmitters for the IPod in the car - the Griffin RoadTrip. I couldn't connect the IPod directly to the stereo because of the satellite radio (hopefully stereo manufacturers will start to include more than one accessory connector on the back - some of us will actually use them!). I haven't had the opportunity to use it yet, I'll let you know.


ScrapAddictNV said...

Lora, I feel your pain!
I have a charger for my phone, a charger for my iPod, a charger for my Palm, and the cigarrette plug-in for my XM. Too many plug-ins and not enough room!!! But if you go to Target in the Auto section, you can buy this thing that plugs in to your lighter and gives you 3 places for chargers. It comes in sooooooooo handy. I love it!
Oh, and I bought a Belkin Tunecast II FM Transmitter and it works great- only plugs into the headphone jack. I don't know though, it's not like I need o be listening or charging everything at once. I really need to downsize on listening devices!

Meow said...

I have both the Griffin iTrip (which doesn't charge), and also the Belkin Tunecast Auto for Ipod, which charges through the cigarette lighter. The iTrip works great ... I use this one, as I don't spend hours in my car, and my hubby's car uses the other one, as we go on longer trips in his 4WD. They both work well, tuning through the radio station and playing through the stereo. I also use the iTrip inside, through the house stereo system. Cool.

Nik said...

Well all attacking, killer food-grubbing geese aside, sounds like you had a great weekend. Don't know anything about IPod technology stuff, but hope it works great for ya.

JJ said...

One year when my girls were little, the mini-goats traumatized them at the petting zoo for the little pellet things they had in their hands.

An80sNut said...

Feeding ducks... I remember that as a kid. Then again, Floyd Lamb has some scary fowl over there.

Ahhh, I knew this would come up at some point. Actually, I let my Sirius use the FM transmitter and my iPod connects to a hard wire (costs about $99 at Best Buy) which charges it while sending a signal. I figured that I would need a new stereo for the Sirius, so I picked up a deck that had multiple outputs (Kenwood KDC-MP528, KDC-MP5028 or X589.) Before buying the hard wire cable from the deck to the iPod (which runs into my glove box,) I had the iTrip. My problem with it was that it would go fuzzy here and there and it sounded better when I had my hand on it. That didn't improve my driving so I made the change and gave the iTrip to my friend Daniel.