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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Random Vacation Blurb

The long weekend is over for some - but not for me! I took the rest of this week off. Sort of a new tradition since Madison's birthday is always the same week as Memorial Day. Speaking of that, what did everyone do to celebrate the holiday? I spent it with my Dad, who is a Vietnam veteran. It was also one of my nieces birthdays, so she had a birthday party at Dad's house. Fun for all!

I finally told my Dad about my fender bender. Karl made fun of me because I was really nervous about it. Something about doing something wrong turns me into an instant child with him - probably because of my strict military upbringing. I can't even be late to an event to this very day without getting lectured about timeliness. Hmmm... wonder why I am always early to any appointment in my life? LOL

Anyway, back to my vacation. I have a long to-do list this week. Some of it around the house, like organizing the 4 billion family pictures I have stacked in my desk to giving the cat his twice yearly bath to polishing all the maple cabinets in the house. We're having some family over on Madison's birthday so I have to get that together too. I swear this will be the last celebration at the house - from now on it will be somewhere else where the kids have fun and we can leave the mess behind!

Hope you all have a great week!


cyndi said...

Is it my imagination or did you have a horrible accident during high scool?? Was that you? I don't know why I remember that. Glad you have a fab weekend.

LoraLoo said...

LOL Yeah, that was me. I had a 1970 Mustang and got T-Boned at Craig/Ann Road when it used to be the boonies. That was the last car accident I'd had before last week. I had a concussion and a broken collarbone from that one, it totaled my car. I wore a sling for a couple of months and earned the nickname "Crash" - but I'll bet you remember because I was living out of the Clark zoning, so my Mom took me to Jen's early every morning and came to school with her so I could finish out the year.

Ken said...

Well, enjoy your time off. It should be a gorgeous week here and hopefully not too hot yet.

I think we all turn to little kids around our parents some times. Amy just commented that I turn into a 6 year old around my mother on certain items (like when she gets store potato salad instead of making her own...)But if her potato salad wasn't soooo good, it wouldn't be an issue.

Undercover Angel said...

I hope you enjoy your week off! Hopefully the weather will stay nice for you.

Nik said...

What??? Vacation's don't involve to-do lists, unless it's a list of sites to see. LOL

Hope you enjoy your "vacation" and Happy Birthday to your beautiful lil one - hope her wish comes true.

Fred said...

It doesn't sound like a vaction to me -- sounds like work!

My oldest daughter's birthday is also on Memorial Day; we were at the beach for her 16th with her friends. (They're still there while I'm home now.)

LoraLoo said...

Ken: Thank you on all accounts. I'd like to think I'm not alone when feel like a kid.

undercover angel: Thanks! It should get terribly hot here in the next couple of days, but I'm a desert rat.

Nik: Thank you! Yeah, the OCD master that I am, I have to have lists. LOL

LoraLoo said...

Fred: You were posting when I was! (Enter twilight zone music here.) The beach? 16th Birthday? Sweeeet! Now why on earth are you at home - you should be catching some beautiful Florida sun!