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Friday, March 24, 2006

This One's For Hank

I took an early lunch hour today to get my poor dirty Tucson washed and waxed. I frequent a car wash where a lot of limo drivers and casino employees bring work vehicles to be washed. I keep to myself pretty much most of the time; I'm awkward around strangers and certainly not one to strike up conversation. A Hard Rock Hotel and Casino security guard named Hank was there getting one of their trucks washed, and he offered me a cup of coffee this morning. I declined the coffee as I'd just gulped down a sugar-free Red Bull, but we stood there and talked for almost 20 minutes! I learned that Gwen Stefani is a very nice lady and I need to get out to concerts more there. The pool is opening up soon, so crazy times are ahead - especially Sundays, I guess there's some party there at the pool every Sunday afternoon. He told me anytime my husband and I get down there, to stop by and see him. This one's for you, Hank - thanks for proving there are still kind, friendly people here in Vegas.


Bar Bar A said...

I love running into people like Hank, they really do renew your faith in humanity! I am glad to hear that confirmed about Gwen - I've never met her but I've always thought that she was a good person.

Nik said...

*applauds Hank and others like him* I love these kind of feel good stories. Oh and with you living in Vegas, heck yeah you need to get to more concerts! I think that's the biggest reason why I could never live there, I'd be broke all the time going to concerts/shows and going to Cali for even more concerts. lol

Vegas Princess said...

Wow! You've got the hook up for the Hard Rock pool parties! People would maime for that kind of in!! I for one will never been visiting any pool parties of any sort until I get my butt in shape!

Heather said...

Hank sounds like a nice guy! I am glad you got to meet him! Nice people warm the heart.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Dang right. They exist... and come upon you when you lease expect it.

Meow said...

Hey Lora, just wanted to say hi. Hope all is well. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Have a great week, take care, Meow

LoraLoo said...

Barbara: I was happy to hear she is in fact nice too, as I was like you, I thought so!

Nik: I used to hit concerts all the time until I became a Mommy. Just not enough time to get to them as much anymore.

Amanda: LOL I wonder if he'd remember me if I showed up there next weekend. It's too bad I probably won't ever actually do it.

Heather: Nice people do give the warm fuzzies, don't they!

Jas: No kidding, he certainly snuck up on me.

Meow: Thanks for the well wishes, I hope your week is splendid too!