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Sunday, October 02, 2005

What, I missed it?

Last night I'm listening to the news, half asleep... and I hear a little blurb about Andre Agassi's Grand Slam concert at the MGM last night. Somewhere in there I hear Duran Duran performed, and I'm thinking, "Why didn't I know this?"

Granted, I know this concert happens every year. I've never attended, because the tickets are pricey (although in the big picture, $100-$200 for ALL of the big stars who performed in one night works out to be quite the deal). The talent gets better every year... there are always big names (Robin Williams, Usher, Duran Duran, Celine Dion, just to name a few). My point is this: This is a local charity concert, held by one of Vegas' own, and it hardly gets press. This morning I did a search on it, found nothing on the news stations that actually reported it (the whole 30 second blurb - shame on them), very little on the internet as a whole about it happening, or where to get tickets, or even who was appearing. Now there was probably no trouble selling tickets to an event of this magnitude. BUT, if I entered search terms for Britney Spears and that thing she married, I'd find a gazillion pages. It is just sad.


Fred said...

Britney = sex. Sex sells. Sad.

RT said...

Uh huh... And Martin had FREE tickets, and didn't go. tsk tsk tsk :o)

I have a similar complaint about where I now live. There's not much in the way of live entertainment here, but even when there is, you don't hear about it until the next day when they review it.

I guess they figure that if you're a fan, you'll know. I figure that's a very good way to lose fans.