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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ugh. We missed "the" Halloween party last night - the babysitter bailed on us, which is just as well, because Madison is sick, again. This morning I think I'm actually coming down with it. Last night we gave her a new cough medicine - and sure enough she stopped coughing so much, but she couldn't sleep. Poor thing - other parents keep telling us we'll be glad when she hits kindergarten, because her body will be a lot stronger against all the germs. I hope so, because we're cursing this idea of daycare, and I am really struggling with watching my child suffer and not being able to do much about it. I am sure the party was a total success... and I hope you all had a drink for us.

On to more cheerful ideas... did any of you out there actually watch that show "Fastlane" with Peter Facinelli, Bill Bellamy and Tiffany Thiessen? Let me refresh your memory.

This show was cancelled back in 2003 but I just found out Court TV and G4 are both showing it again. This show was certainly not for educational value - probably not up for any thespian awards, but I loved it. I am very in touch with my male side - sure, I clean up alright, but I'll be the first one drinkin', cursin' and smokin' at the table with the guys. You could find violence, sex and beautiful fast rides in this show... the action was always there, and who could resist Peter Facinelli? Purrrrrrrrrrr!!

I was looking at Peter's info. on imdb, seems he hasn't been doing much since Fastlane until now, except makin' babies with his wife, Jennie Garth.

Hope you're all having a great Sunday - did you change your clocks back?? :)


New White Keds said...

Well, the party was a success, but you were missed. I had a drink for you, that is at least one. Hope you enjoyed it. (Feel better Madison)

Sorry Madison is sick still. Just think, you are the only one who can bring her any kind of relief just by being there.

There is something to be said about being in touch with your feminine side. Stick with that -- it has worked well for you so far.

Meegan said...

I hope Madison feels better! I'm sick, too -- everyone's sick. Bah. At least we get an extra hour to sleep!

Bar Bar A said...


I can't believe you posted this because I LOVED that show and was thinking about it the other day! I even named one of my male pets "Van" after Peter's character!!! I have to steal that photo. Wow, you made my day. Ok, simmer down, Layla, simmer down!!!!

Fred said...

Clocks all changed. I used the extra hour to blog, and am wrapping things up for the week. I'm cutting back (blogoholic here), we'll see if I can stay away from it for awhile.

Hope Madison feels better.

Teri said...

We missed you guys! We still have plenty of beer in the fridge, so come stop by when you feel better and have some.

I am sorry to hear Madison isn't feeling well, I hate it when little ones get sick.

I spent my extra hour this morning cleaning up from the party and then I did some homework. Pretty productive day I must say.

LoraLoo said...

Amy: I was unaware I actually had a feminine side, although I keep hearing I do. :)

Meegan: Thanks. I hope you feel better too!

Well woman: High five! You are the first person I've talked to outside of my home that enjoyed that show as much as I did. I hope you get one of those stations showing the reruns! And what about the last episode that season they didn't show? I am still dying to see it.

Fred: I am a fellow blogaholic, and I'm trying to cut back as well. Blogging has been really cutting into my tv programs. :)

Teri: I am so sorry we missed the party. Even though I didn't plan a costume or anything, we were looking forward to it. Who won the zombie penis throw?? :)

Ken said...

Sorry you guys missed the party. It was a good time.

Hope Madison feels better!

BeckEye said...

Never watched it, but I have long been obsessed with Tiffani's hairstyles.

An80sNut said...

I keep seeing ads for the show but I don't see it happening for me. I had my Miami Vice times but I got better. B) Sorry to hear you are sick and we did miss you at the party.

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