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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Lasik Update, Etc.

I was unfortunate enough to watch the Lasik surgery on Friday. Honestly, at the last minute they changed the surgery to something else (I can't remember the term, something like PDK?). Her corneas were too small for Lasik, it could have given her problems in the future. The surgical room for this eye center was all glass, so anyone could watch... I saw them remove the top layer from her eyeballs before performing laser surgery. Oh, gee, too bad I didn't have popcorn! I was rather tense watching it, perhaps that's because I'm a little squeamish. She's has been in some serious pain but overall, it was a success.

We finally watched "King Arthur" last night. We'd had this movie for a long time but Karl isn't into period pieces like me, so I finally coerced him when we'd caught up on all the other DVD's at home. It was great, and he admitted he really did enjoy it. I liked that they threw out the original romantic notion of Arthur and Guinevere, and it was about what might really have happened according to historic finding. Yeah, it was seriously Hollywood, but different from my other favorites like "Excalibur". Refreshing, even. I was only thrown by the depiction of Merlin. Hadn't expected him to be portrayed as a warrior, or without more of a nobility persona.

Today a girlfriend who'd moved to L.A. came in for a visit, so a few of us got together today. She hadn't seen Madison since she was about one month old, so she was really surprised to see Madison walking today. Walking, she is! I can't believe she's turning from a baby into a little girl. Makes me so happy and so sad all at the same time.


Moose said...

It just means that you are doing your job, and making sure she can reach these little milestones. Don't be sad, be proud.

An80sNut said...

You will need to update us on her progress with this version of lasik. I knew that they had a newer procedure that burned less cornea but didn't look into it after Matt and Dad had their eyes done.

Cool to see that she's up and running around. I wonder how quickly things got moved higher from the coffee table and other areas. B)

Teri said...

She is walking? Wow, I think the last time I saw her was when she was a month old as well. Time just flies.. what were you saying about her being a teenager soon? hahahah

Jas... said...

You know, Lora, I didn't like Arthur so much because they depicted Merlin as some sort of savage medicine man instead of giving him a bit more power that I'm sure a man of his status would have had. I don't know. I like the legends more than I did the movie, mainly because they hold more honor and chivalry. In real life, Arthur would most likely have been a barbarian type warrior like all the rest. Excalibur is a classic, in that vein.

LoraLoo said...

Moose: Thank you. :)

Martin: I will keep you posted. She's still in pain today... hopefully that ceases soon. We moved everything out of Madison's way as soon as she started standing. It's amazing, you buy them toys upon toys and all they want is your remote control. :)

Teri: I can't believe it's been that long since you've seen her. We'd all better get together soon, before she's asking for the car keys. :)

Jas: I agree about Merlin. I was disappointed in his role. I do enjoy the legends more, i.e. Excalibur but I thought this story was a nice change.

Jas... said...

Jerry Bruckheimer has a way of doing that. I love his work!

Fred said...

I would've fainted on the spot. Glad things worked out well; keep us posted.

Lucy Stern said...

Ahhhhh.... Just wait till she is a teenager. You will wish you had your little girl back. Teens are quite a bit harder to deal with.