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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Catch-Up Night

INXS: Rockstar catch-up night. In a nutshell, it's getting goooood. I like Brandon, I really do. I just don't think he's very diverse, and I'm not sure if he or Jessica is the worst singer. Jessica saves face in that she's not that bad at the INXS songs she gets to sing every week by being in the bottom three. I still haven't made up my mind who my favorite is. Who's your top pick?

My pseudo sister-in-law (that's what she calls me, so I told her I'm stealing it) is still hurting, but it seems to be getting better every day. She's feeling really great about not having to wear glasses for the first time since she was rather young. I'm curious to see if this changes color awareness for her, I think she's been a bit challenged in that department before.

Hope Friday is kind to everyone.


An80sNut said...

I think pretty much along the same lines as the band does. He sounds great doing what he does but it isn't the right sound for the band. Bluesy yet with little ability for tone. Forgetting the lines to their song probably made the difference between him and Jessica though. She's gotta go next unless someone really flubs bad.

Vavoom said...

I've really got to watch this INXS thing. I loved the band when I was young and I'm sure the show will be great.

Have a great friday!