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Thursday, July 21, 2005


I hardly slept last night. Insomnia kicked in, and I laid in bed most of the night listening to some weird noise coming from the air conditioner that I don't remember hearing before. When I did drift off, I dreamt the air conditioner broke. I woke up Karl to hear it at about 4am, he was not pleased...LOL My neck is killing me this morning, probably from the tossing and turning, but I'm still grumbling at the new pillow.

I have a staff meeting today, it's a video conference. Our main office is in Carson City and we used to have these over the telephone, we just got the video capabilities. I am not happy because I don't get to roll my eyes anymore, or use the mute button and curse like the sailor I am.

It's going to be a mass quantities of caffeine day.


Jennifer said...

I have those types of nights as well and boy does it make for a long day when you have had a restless sleep. Just last night I was awake at odd hours and then couldn't fall back asleep.
It is going to be a long day.

Fred said...

I used to hate those video conferences. At least on the phone you could doodle and do other things.

Enjoy your coffee!

Moose said...

Did you drop items under the table just so you could get out of view and make faces? I would try it.

Jas... said...

sorry about your insomnia, Lora. Those nights are the worst. I usually get up instead of lay there, and watch a movie or read a book. It whiles the hours away.

An80sNut said...

I was thinking about your pillows today. I have some friends that picked up those Tempurpedic matresses and matching pillows. One told me that it took them a good month or so to get used to how your spine aligns while asleep. I'm wondering if that may be the same case with the pillow.

LoraLoo said...

Jennifer: I hope your day turned out great.

Fred: I was so amped all day on any caffeine I could find!

Moose, I'm going to have to try that, great idea.

Jas: I usually do get up and do something, you're right... it helps.

Martin: Hopefully you're right. We bought a great mattress last year that did take some time adjusting to, hopefully the pillow will turn out much the same.