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Friday, June 17, 2005

The Cloudy Setting

I have a lot going on in the next week. Tomorrow we're spending time with my Dad for Father's Day, and Sunday we're going to Karl's brother's house for a Father's Day BBQ. Sometime this weekend I have to scour my house, as my Mom is coming to visit next Wednesday! The house really isn't dirty, but I am one of those clean freaks and it's not as easy to keep up when you live with a child.

My Mom's visit is a double-edged sword - I miss her and love to see her - but there's always a lot of tension around her visits. We're two very different personalities and my straight-to-the-point way of dealing with everything doesn't work well with her. So I have to try forcing that filter in so I can communicate on the cloudy setting. If I can do that, it will probably be a successful visit. She hasn't seen Madison since the first week she was born, which I'm rather irritated about; she does live far away (about a 9 hour drive) but my Mom has the luxury of not having to work, so the fact that she hasn't come to visit before now is beyond my scope of understanding. At least she's coming now, I keep reminding myself.

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An80sNut said...

Several years ago, I learned not to expect anything from my parents that some might normally take for granted. I remember my mother and sister have a lot of issues like this because the two were at each others throats for so long. Things are better now and your relationship with her can only get better too. B)