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Monday, June 20, 2005

Children's Toys = Grownup Fun

We had a gift certificate from Madison's birthday so we took her to Target yesterday to spend it. She loves anything that makes a bunch of noise and/or has bright lights. So Karl picked out this little race car toy for her. It looks fun enough in the box - Madison likes to take things that roll and play with them by the front door, because there's tile there. We get this thing home and Karl is WAY more interested in it than she is. You push on the driver's head, and it has this engine noise, flashing headlights and it rolls on its own for about five feet. She got a little wigged out that it moves on its own. He's rolling this toy all over the house and she's crawling up to it, then running back to Daddy because it's moving all by itself. He was still playing with it in the living room long after she'd followed me into the kitchen.

I can't say I'm not guilty of the same - I bought her crayons and a large pad of paper - I sat and drew pictures with her, and was still drawing when her attention had already moved on to something else!


Teri said...

Yep, I did and still do the same thing and my son is 15 :) It never ends...Which is a good thing.

*s* said...

aww... I can't wait for those days! but for now I'm enjoying my (really) little one... thanks for the encouragement. I'm glad you posted a comment so that I could find your blog, it's great!