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Monday, June 13, 2005

A Bull in a China Shop

I'm clumsy, I can't help it. I was born this way. My mother sent me to ballet lessons when I was a little girl so I could learn grace, and it didn't work. First, I never was big on girlie things (I was also born a tomboy). Second, it just wasn't meant to be... I was lousy at ballet anyway.

Today was a true testament to my being clumsy. It all started when I was talking with some staff at one of the sites I do technical support for. I hit some plastic shelving off a filing cabinet which shattered as it hit the floor. I was so sorry and embarrassed! Shortly afterward I was wheeling out an old monitor from another office when it fell off my cart and cracked. So much for that... guess I won't be hauling that back to the office! Later I was carrying a stack of backup tapes from one room to another, and caught my foot on a trash can, and every tape went flying out of my hands. It finally ended at the grocery store this afternoon, where I was trying to pay for some postage stamps while carrying Madison, and I knocked my purse off the counter. Try gathering your things from the floor of a public place while trying to hold a 21 lb. child. The checker helped me, thank goodness for my neighborhood Albertsons!

Nothing a glass of red wine won't fix, now that Madison is asleep. Have a great day, everyone!


An80sNut said...

You might not be that clumsy. It could be that after the first mistake, you have it in your head the rest of the day that you could have another accident and do. I think the ballet lessons did you well. B)

Davydgrey said...

They say when you are clumsy that you are lacking in B vitamins. Or was that when you are stammering. What vitamin was it again for forgetfulness?