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Friday, June 03, 2005

And Then She Was 1

Tomorrow is Madison's first birthday. I cannot believe that one year ago today I had an absolutely normal day (as normal as you can get being 9 months pregnant) - I went to work, had dinner, and my water broke just before bed.

This last year has gone by sooooo quickly. People who have children tell you when you are new parents that time flies, to cherish every moment. They weren't lying. She has gone from this helpless infant who did nothing but cry, eat and fill diapers to someone who has become very independent, playful and quite able to do so many things. It's absolutely amazing how fast babies learn - they are little sponges. I hear this is just the beginning, and that she's going to start an amazing pace of growth.

We have two birthday parties this weekend because there is so much family coming to celebrate. I'm in a party-planning tornado. I took a couple days off from work to get everything together and spend some extra time with her. I hate to say this, but I can't wait until the weekend is over and the parties are behind us. I can't believe how much hoopla is involved with someone's first birthday when you have big families. I know, all for a fabulous cause. :)


Davydgrey said...

Just remember you are starting all the traditions with this party, so be careful.

Teri said...

Happy Birthday Madison!!!!

LoraLoo said...

Very wise words, indeed. We will NOT get this crazy next year, so I will have to get the point across that this is a "first birthday" sort of deal.

Thanks Teri!! :)

An80sNut said...

Happy Birthday Madison! Two birthday parties... that tells you she is loved quite a bit. B) I'm expecting to see you post some photos.

Teri said...

So how did the parties go?