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Monday, March 07, 2005

Out of the Fog

I have been sick with a cold for the last week... it's amazing the stupor this little virus puts you in. Today seems to be the start of recovery - it's been the best I've felt in 5 days.

I skipped out on work today but I have to take Madison for her nine month checkup. She starts screaming the second someone in scrubs or a doctor's coat walks in the room. Isn't it mind-blowing how perceptive they are, so young. At least it's only one shot, not four (like usual). At least she's a generally happy baby, she'll only be mad at me for a few minutes. It's torture when they give you that "how could you let them do this to me" look!


An80sNut said...

Could have been worse. Think about what you would have felt like if it was a circumcision. Get better hon!

Teri said...

9 months? Wow, time does fly. Has it really been that long since I have seen her? I think the last time was about a month or so after she was born.